MP Ben Lobb Recognizes 31 Individuals foor Canada's 150th Anniversary

June 28, 2017

WINGHAM - In honour of the 150th Anniversary of Confederation, Member of Parliament Ben Lobb honored 31 deserving Canadians from across Huron-Bruce at a ceremony Wednesday evening at 7:00 p.m. at the Knights of Columbus Hall in Wingham.


“Canada’s 150th birthday is an important opportunity to celebrate Canada’s shared history and achievements.  I am honoured to recognize these individuals with the Commemorative Canada 150 Medal. They have all demonstrated strength of character, concern and respect for their fellow human beings while giving back to their community and making our county a better place.” said Lobb.


Canada has had a long history of issuing medals to commemorate the Confederation of Canada and recognize deserving Canadians across the country. Commemorative medals are awarded to deserving Canadians who have demonstrated significant contributions to Canada, their community, or to their fellow Canadians. These contributions include volunteerism, military service, charitable work, public service, professional distinction, and community involvement.


The 31 individuals from Huron-Bruce receiving medals include:

  • Connie Barker (Southampton, Ontario)
  • Jay Bell (Kincardine, Ontario)
  • Helen Craig (Walton, Ontario)
  • Gwen Devereaux (Seaforth, Ontario)
  • Ralph Dietrich (Mildmay, Ontario)
  • Donald Dodds (Seaforth, Ontario)
  • Donald Farrell (Ripley, Ontario)
  • Jason Goodall (Wingham, Ontario)
  • Thomas Hayter (Dashwood, Ontario)
  • Robert Heywood (Exeter, Ontario)
  • Mary Lapaine (Goderich, Ontario)
  • Norm Leddy (Goderich, Ontario)
  • Fred Lobb (Clinton, Ontario)
  • Donald Gordon MacKay (Port Elgin, Ontario)
  • Doug McArter (Brussels, Ontario)
  • Jack McLIwain (Seaforth, Ontario)
  • Rick McMurray (Lucknow, Ontario)
  • Robert “Doc” Miller (Clinton, Ontario)
  • Timothy Poole (Wingham, Ontario)
  • Florence Pullen (Clinton, Ontario)
  • John Rasenberg (Exeter, Ontario)
  • John Patrick Ryan (Seaforth, Ontario)
  • Maxine Seers (Goderich, Ontario)
  • Joseph Seili (Brussels, Ontario)
  • Delbert Shewfelt (Goderich, Ontario)
  • Michael Smith (Saugeen Shores, Ontario)
  • Steven Sparling (Blyth, Ontario)
  • Dona Swift (Kincardine, Ontario)
  • Chandrashekher Tripathi (Kincardine, Ontario)
  • Alma Westlake (Zurich, Ontario)
  • David Yates (Goderich, Ontario)